Finding A Suitable Apartment For Rent In Beijing, China

You have to be careful while looking for apartments to rent in Beijing. Many times, the apartment looks good on the outside but there are many problems when you actually start living in it. Many people start facing problems the moment they step into the flat. For example – the shower might not work properly or they may be drainage problems, etc. When you are checking out an apartment to rent, ensure that all things are working properly so that you do not face any problems after you move in because it could be quite frustrating to move in with your family and then find out about these problems.

You have to keep in mind that Beijing is not cheap as it used to be a few years ago. So you have to be willing to shell out good amount of money if you want a decent flat to stay in. You can find cheap flats but they furnished apartment might be in such a bad state that you just cannot stay in them for a long period of time. You might have to deal with agents in order to find a suitable apartment as per your requirements. The agents will obviously charge additional money which will further increase your cost. However, you just have to pay the agents one time. Sometimes the agents charge commission from the flat owner instead of the tenant. In such a case you do not have to pay anything to the agent. While talking to the agent, you should clarify whether you have to pay him any money or he will take it from the flat owner.

Some people are not comfortable dealing with real estate agencies as there have been many incidents of people being cheated by unscrupulous and dishonest agents. One way to avoid being cheated is to deal only with reputed agencies. Or you can browse the local newspapers to find apartments by yourself, eliminating the middleman. But this can be very time-consuming and you might not be able to find what you are looking for.

Another option is to check out popular websites like ‘City Weekend’, ‘The Beijinger’ and ‘eChinacities’. These websites have lots of real estate listings and you are likely to find something you might be interested in. If you like apartment then you have to act fast because it might be gone the next day. Remember that good apartments get rented soon. When you find a property that is in good condition and the rent fits your pocket, grab the opportunity before it is gone.



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